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Elk River High School
Class of 1981

Hello Classmates!

Welcome to the site for the news and happenings of the Class of 1981. Check back frequently for updates to our blog, remembrances of classmates past, and upcoming events.

If you have news you’d like to share on the page, use our Contact form,
or email us at We love getting information about classmates,
teachers, passings, and other events.


Hard to believe that 40 years have gone by since we walked the halls of Elk River High School. It seems like yesterday that study hall was a joke, and lunch was the social hour. Hall passes, announcements, gym, electives, special after-school groups … all dust in the wind.

Keep the high school memories alive with us by submitting your photos by emailing them to us at We’ll share the images here. Please add identifying information and the story behind the photo.


Elk River has grown steadily into a bedroom community of the Twin Cities. The population in 1981 was 6,785. In 2020, the estimate is 26,582. What a change.

Check on all the current events and information on Elk River High School’s official website. Elk River is Still Going Strong, and has 445 Seniors in 2021. High school sports news and information is included, as well as thoughts about the state of the school. The school has its own facebook page.