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Home ≫ Greetings, Class of 1981!

Welcome to the site of the Class of 1981 from Elk River High School, Elk River, Minnesota.

We’re glad you’re here and hope you attended our 40th Year Reunion!

Desktop: Click on “REUNION” at the top of the page.
Phone/Device: Click on the “hamburger” icon (three lines) on top right of the page, then click “Reunion”.

If you’re a Classmate who has been “out of touch,” please let us know where you are on our Contact Us page. Check out our Facebook page.
We’ll get you back in the swing of 1981.

Fun Fact:. There were 370 graduating seniors in 1981. Class President was LuAnn McChesney, and First-In-Class was Joel Burley.

Fun Fact: The Class of 1981 yearbook took over 400
person-hours to construct, and was supervised by Mr. Heydt,
of Shop Class.

Fun Fact: Elk River was named after the river that runs through it. The Elk River was once known as the St. Francis River, but that changed after explorer Zebulon Pike came through the area in the early 1800s.

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